Romania – Conversation between Catherine Colonna and her counterpart (Paris, 9 June 2022)


Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna hosted her Romanian counterpart, Bogdan Aurescu, today.

The two ministers discussed the Russian aggression in Ukraine and its consequences. Ms. Colonna called for continuing support to Ukraine and Moldova. She underscored the need to take action to strengthen food security.

The minister emphasized France’s strengthened contribution to the deterrence and defense posture on NATO’s eastern border, as evidenced by the deployment of French troops in Romania. She stressed the important progress made by the EU during the French presidency of the EU Council by providing military aid to Ukraine and adopting its first white paper on defense (the Strategic Compass).

Ahead of the European Council meeting on June 23 and 24, Ms. Colonna reiterated her support for strengthening Europe’s ties with the Western Balkans and brought up the project of a European political community presented by President Macron on May 9. She recalled the efforts made by France, under the French presidency of the EU Council, to find a solution to the dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Ms. Colonna and her counterpart also discussed topics of common bilateral interest relating to economic and military cooperation.