Fifteenth anniversary of the Union for the Mediterranean (July 20, 2023)


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), established in Paris in July 2008, France reaffirms its full support for the work of this intergovernmental organization that supports political dialogue and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Through its mandate, its promotion of unifying regional projects and its ability to bring people together and create spaces for political dialogue, the UfM has become a vital force for cooperation in the Mediterranean. The UfM shapes and supports the development of regional partnerships around five key priorities for the future of the Mediterranean, defined in 2021: the environment and the climate; sustainable and inclusive economic and human development; social inclusion and equality; the digital transformation; and emergency preparedness.
France is actively involved in forums promoting Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and cooperation, and is particularly committed to the UfM, which is the sole regional multilateral forum that brings together all the EU countries and the countries of the Mediterranean. We are in fact the leading bilateral contributor to the UfM in terms of voluntary contributions to the overall budget and providing personnel.
This anniversary represents a unique opportunity to step up the UfM’s efforts in response to major Euro-Mediterranean challenges. For this anniversary year, the UfM is studying ways to improve its format and effectiveness, particularly with regard to supporting key projects in the Mediterranean region. France fully supports this reform process and shares the goal of strengthening the UfM’s capacity.

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