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France and Philippines

Bilateral relations

France is closely following the anti-drug campaign conducted in the Philippines, which is seeing a great number of extrajudicial executions, and calls upon the Philippines to respect the rule of law and international human rights commitments.

A delegation from the interparliamentary France-South-East Asia friendship group visited the Philippines in January 2017, while a delegation from the Philippines Senate visited France in July 2017. Trade between France and the Philippines stood at €1.75 billion in 2017, a rise of 5.3% compared to the previous year (€1.67 billion). French exports fell by 9.9% in 2017, from €819 million to €738 million, while our imports from the Philippines rose by 19.9% to €1.01 billion. Our trade deficit, which first appeared in 2016, grew strongly in 2017 to reach €278 million, as against €28 million the previous year. The fall in our exports is the result of the 26% slump in our aeronautics sales, which was only partially counteracted by the 4% rise in our other exports. The very strong growth in exports from the Philippines to France (rise of almost 20% in 2017, followed by a 30% rise in 2016) is largely down to the GSP+ scheme opened to the Philippines by the EU.

The first France-Philippines grant programme, a major step forward for the development of student mobility, was created in 2017. The festival “Phil France: Feel French!”, which was also launched that year, is focused each year around events covering five major themes representing our cooperation as a whole. Lastly, the effective implementation of our 2014 cultural agreement fosters enhanced partnerships with local cultural actors, leading to the organization of many cultural events (architecture exhibition, ballet, symphonic concert, etc.). The French Embassy in Manila supports the community of more than 3,000 French nationals in the Philippines (3,120 on the consular list in September 2017).

More than 60,000 visitors and tourists visit France from the Philippines each year (77,000 in 2015), and more than 50,000 people with the country’s nationality live in France.

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Updated: 14 June 2018