Peru - Q&A from the press briefing (15 December 2022)


Q: What is your view of the political crisis in Peru and the state of emergency declared a few hours ago? Are any French nationals – tourists or others – affected by this state of emergency, and is France taking any measures to help them, if necessary?

A: The violence surrounding the demonstrations is troubling. We call for restraint and for an end to the violence, and we encourage political dialogue in Peru, in respect of the Peruvian Constitution. As for French nationals in Peru, we have both tourists and residents there. We therefore updated our travel advisory yesterday to take the current situation into account, in light of the fact that some of the demonstrations have been accompanied by violence, as I just said. We urge French citizens to postpone any non-essential travel in the country outside of Lima, and generally speaking, to exercise the utmost caution and to comply with measures announced by the government. As for French residents, we urge them to avoid any areas where protests are going on, for the sake of their safety. Our Embassy in Peru is in touch with our citizens and we are keeping a very close eye on the situation.

Q: Are there any French tourists in Machu Picchu, where 800 tourists have been stranded?

A: We have been informed of this situation. As I said, we are in touch with our citizens and at this stage I have no information to share concerning their specific situation in Machu Picchu.