PNG announces a PNG Country package partnership of $100 M focusing on the conservation and sustainable use of high carbon and biodiversity areas at COP28 (2 December 2023)


Multiple stakeholders come together to support PNG nature commitments and sustainable development ambition.

Today at the World Climate Action Summit at COP28, Papua New Guinea announces its ambitious goal to protect 30% of its land and marine areas and to halt forest loss and promoting sustainable development and inclusive rural transformation by 2030.

PNG hosts the third largest tropical rainforest after Amazon and Congo basin and 7% of world biodiversity in less than 1% of the planet and has the world richest island flora. Forests cover 78% of the land area (of which 75% is primary undisturbed) making PNG a net carbon negative country.

Partners from both public and private sectors announce a package of initial programs, partnerships and investments across five areas:

  1. scaling up protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures to cover 30% of land and marine areas;
  2. improve forest management and value chain and governance of forestry sector in order to preserve intact forests and stop deforestation and forest degradation by 2030;
  3. reinforce the long-term sustainable financing opportunities for forests climate and biodiversity;
  4. support research and environmental education and;
  5. monitor the country package implementation.

COP28 will showcase the initial launch of this initiative with additional partnerships and support from other countries to continue developing the country package in 2024.

Papua New Guinea’s high ambition is aligned with and will contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Kunming-Montreal global biodiversity framework, both at the national and international level.
The country package which includes scientific, technical, financial and diplomatic support, dedicated to secure the most vital carbon and biodiversity reserves, and support for the transition to economies that are in harmony with nature represent and innovative and tailor made response to address these challenges. It is crafted to ensure the sustainability of PNG’s conservation policies over the long term, with international, national and local actions.

The Papua New Guinea and the initial international partners: the European Union and France -through a Team Europe Initiative- as co-leads of the Country package, Australia, the Global Environment Facility, the Asian development bank, the Country package seed fund (France, Conservation International foundation, Rob Walton foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore foundation), The Asian Development Bank in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Wildlife Conservation Society, are announcing a package of initial programs, partnerships, and investments of $100 Million aligned with partners’ priorities.