Situation in Niger (28 july 2023)


Minister Catherine Colonna spoke this morning about the current situation in Niger.

She said that President Macron is continuing his contacts with President Mohamed Bazoum, Niger’s democratically-elected president, and that she and President Macron are in permanent touch with Niger’s regional – ECOWAS, IGAD – and international partners, including Antony Blinken.

Catherine Colonna reiterated France’s very strong condemnation in response to the attempted coup d’état and its call for the release and full safety of President Bazoum and his family, and for a return to constitutional order, the restoration of democratic integrity and the re-establishment of the legal authorities.

ECOWAS spoke with the utmost clarity in this respect. Catherine Colonna pointed out that its approach and views are the same as those of France and signalled our determination to support the regional organizations’ efforts to ensure President Bazoum’s constitutional functions are restored and a return to democratic order is guaranteed without delay.