Q&A - Niger (August 2, 2023)


Q- Regarding the French citizens who have chosen not to leave Niger, has France been assured by the coup leaders that their safety is guaranteed?

A- Our citizens’ safety in Niger is our top priority. That is why we decided, as was stated by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to begin an operation to allow those French and European nationals who wish to leave the country to take flights that we have provided for them. To date, over 350 of these nationals have been evacuated on the first two flights.

Local commitments have been made to ensure that the evacuations take place under proper conditions.

Regarding our compatriots who have decided to remain in the country, our embassy continues to work in Niger and to mobilize its efforts to ensure their safety.

Q- To what degree are you coordinating with the U.S., given that they also have armed forces there?

A- We are working together very closely with the U.S. and our other partners, especially our European partners.

Q- Were French nationals able to obtain spots on the Italian flight, thanks to a reciprocity-type arrangement between Italy and France?

A- There were no French nationals on the Italian flight, however, there is of course mutual solidarity among Member States. We have an excellent partnership with the Italians on these matters. The Minister has spoken several times with her counterpart, Mr. Tajani.

Q- Is a French representative attending the ECOWAS Committee of Chiefs of Defense Staff meeting that is taking place in Abuja through this coming Friday?

A- As France is not a member of ECOWAS, of course we do not have a representative attending the ECOWAS Committee of Chiefs of Defense Staff meeting, which began today in Abuja, Nigeria.