Nicaragua - Q&A (Oct.13, 2022)


The rabbi Delphine Horvilleur expressed her “deep concern” for her Franco-Nicaraguan cousins who have been detained in Managua on allegations of “conspiracy.” Has there been any news regarding these two women? Have you been able to conduct consular visits?

Our ministry is following the situation of the two detained French women very closely. The embassy of France in Managua is mobilizing all of its efforts, as are the Paris authorities.

We have contacted the Nicaraguan authorities several times to express our deep concern and have urgently reiterated our request for consular access to our two citizens, as provided under article 36 of the April 24, 1963, Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, which stipulates that “consular officers shall have the right to visit a national of the sending State who is in prison, custody or detention, to converse and correspond with him.” In particular, we would like to inquire about their detention conditions and their health.

We are still waiting for a response from the Nicaraguan authorities regarding this request to exercise our consular protection and we are doing our utmost to succeed in this endeavor.