Western Sahara - Q&A - (21 Mar. 2022)


Q: Last week, Spain announced that it was changing its position on the dispute between Morocco and the Sahrawis of the Polisario Front. Like Paris, Madrid now supports Morocco’s idea of autonomy for the territory of Western Sahara. How do you view this change? Did Spain consult with France on this issue? At the same time, tensions have arisen between Spain and Algeria. Do you think there’s a danger that this will have an effect on Europe’s gas supply at such a delicate moment, as far as this issue is concerned?

A: France is dedicated to good relations between its European partners and its neighbors on the southern shore of the Mediterranean. It is through dialogue that we can overcome common challenges.

France’s position on Western Sahara is unwavering. We support a just, lasting, mutually acceptable political solution in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. In that regard, the Moroccan autonomy plan is a serious, credible basis for discussions.