Morocco - Spain - Q&A from the press briefing (19 May 2021)


Q : With regard to the migrant crisis in Ceuta, what is France’s position on the thousands of people who have entered Ceuta from Morocco? What is its position most particularly on the lack of action by Moroccan authorities? Given that these people are entering the Schengen Area, are there demands on Morocco? Is France being asked to mediate between Spain and Morocco? Might it assume that role ?

A : We closely followed the events in Ceuta which highlight the importance and ongoing pertinence of the migration issue. We trust that the efforts of the Spanish government, which enjoys the support of the entire EU, will very soon restore normality in Ceuta.

Morocco is a vital partner for the EU, especially in light of the challenges posed by migration. France hopes that cooperation on migration, which helped stem illegal flows of migrants in the Western Mediterranean and prevent the human tragedies that often go hand in hand with it, will continue. The EU and its member states have raised a large amount of funds (€343 million since the end of 2018) to support Morocco’s efforts on migration.

The partnership between Morocco and Spain is close and solid, and we are certain that the two countries are continuing their dialogue on this issue.