Morocco - Q&A - Extract from the press briefing (11 January 2024)


Q: On January 10 in Geneva, Morocco was elected president of the UN Human Rights Council for 2024.

What is France’s reaction to this election, and how can it contribute to promoting human rights in the region and throughout the world?

A: France congratulates Mr. Omar Zniber, Morocco’s Permanent Representative to Geneva, on his election as president of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). Mr. Zniber’s election reflects the Council members’ trust in his personal ability to lead its efforts.

As a Council member for the 2024-2026 term, France will continue to work closely with all the other members, including Morocco, to champion the universality of human rights and promote fairer, freer, more inclusive societies. France hopes in particular to work with Morocco on efforts to make the Convention on Enforced Disappearance universal.