Libya - Q&A - (20 Dec. 2021)


Q: Might elections still be held on December 24, and would a postponement be compatible with the goals established at the Paris Conference in November?

A: It is up to Libya’s High National Election Commission (HNEC) to announce the election timetable as part of the Libyan roadmap endorsed by UN Security Council resolution 2570 adopted at the Paris International Conference for Libya on November 12, agreed to by the transition authorities and endorsed by the UN Security Council. The HNEC noted an additional delay needed to finalize the process for announcing lists of candidates for the House of Representatives.

The Paris Conference and its endorsement by the UN Security Council gave France and its partners an opportunity to reaffirm their full support for the holding of elections according to the current timetable and their support for the HNEC. It is vital to support the Libyan people’s legitimate aspiration to choose their representatives by ensuring that the election process is carried smoothly through to completion.