Libya - Joint statement by French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (18 Jul. 20)


We met today in Brussels in the margins of the European Council to discuss the situation in Libya. We share grave concerns regarding the increased military tensions in this country and the heightened risk of regional escalation. We therefore call on all Libyan parties and their foreign supporters for an immediate cessation of fighting and for a stop of the ongoing military build-up throughout the country.

We also urge all foreign actors to end their increasing interference and to fully respect the arms embargo established by the United Nations Security Council. We are doing our part and are committed to the full effectiveness of the Irini operation, with the aim of preventing escalation on the ground. We are ready to consider the possible use of sanctions should breaches to the embargo at sea, on land or in the air continue and look forward to the proposals the EU HR/VP will make to this end.

We support the UN efforts to enable the signature of a sustainable and credible ceasefire agreement through ongoing negotiations within the 5+5 Committee. At this juncture we also encourage the UN to explore all options for de-escalating tensions, including the options of an expanded disengagement of forces and potential demilitarization of certain areas. We reaffirm the need for the rapid appointment of a Special Representative of the Secretary General.

We recall all Libyan and international parties that a negotiated political settlement of the Libyan crisis must be fully inclusive and based on the conclusions of the Berlin conference. We also recall that promptly lifting the oil blockade is necessary as well as ensuring a fair and transparent allocation of oil revenues to the benefit of all Libyans.