Lebanon – Q&A from the press briefing (30 April 2021)


Q : Practically speaking, with regard to Lebanon, what do you mean by “implementing measures to restrict access to French territory by figures involved in the current political deadlock or implicated in corruption”? Has this already begun? Who and how many people are being targeted? Have they already been informed? Is this a symbolic statement with no real impact, given that many of the people in question are dual citizens? Is there coordination with other EU member states on this list of targeted individuals?

Q : Hello, Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced sanctions against Lebanese political leaders. Which individuals are being targeted? What are the sanctions?

A : As the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs reiterated yesterday, we will not remain passive as political actors obstruct an end to the crisis in Lebanon. Working with our European partners, we are considering the instruments we have at our disposal to increase pressure on all those responsible for the deadlock. On the national level, we have begun implementing measures restricting access to French territory by figures responsible for the current deadlock or involved in corruption. We reserve the possibility to adopt additional measures, in coordination with our international partners, against all those who stand in the way of ending the crisis.