Lebanon - Q&A - Extract from the press briefing (3 January 2024)


Q: France has been working to try and prevent a conflagration in Lebanon, but after a strike against Hamas in southern Lebanon yesterday, the situation is getting worse. What is Paris proposing in practical terms to try and prevent an escalation in the coming days?

A: As President Macron emphasized yesterday during his meeting with Israeli Minister Benny Gantz, it’s essential to avoid any escalatory stance, particularly in Lebanon. France will continue sending these messages to all those directly or indirectly involved in the area.

The [Foreign] Minister will be having meetings with her counterparts in the region in the next few days.

Since the beginning of the crisis in the Middle East, France has constantly called on all the parties to show restraint. We’re continuing our efforts at every level to prevent a regional flare-up, which would be tragic for both Lebanon and Israel.