Lebanon - Q&A (27 Apr. 2022)


Q: With regard to Lebanon and Ukraine: France had pledged to help strengthen the Lebanese armed forces. It is currently sending a great deal of military equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces. Is it possible that the pace of aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) could slow because of the war in Ukraine?

A: The Lebanese Armed Forces play a vital role in support of Lebanon’s stability, given the current crisis there. France supports the Lebanese Armed Forces, both nationally and through UNIFIL, to help them preserve the country’s sovereignty, independence and stability and keep it out of regional crises. That was the goal of the multilateral conference in support of the Lebanese Armed Forces held on June 17 of last year.

France stands with the men and women of Lebanon. It continues to express its demands and expectations – which are also those of the Lebanese people and the international community – to the Lebanese authorities: the urgent implementation of the reforms that are crucial to ending the crisis in Lebanon, the signing of a full agreement with the IMF, and the holding of impartial, transparent legislative elections on the scheduled date of May 15, 2022.