Israel/Palestinian Territories – UNRWA (28 January 2024)


Reports about the involvement of UNRWA staff in the 7 October attacks are exceptionally serious. These acts were clearly condemned by the United Nations Secretary-General.

They confirm the urgent need for swift, firm measures to ensure that the Agency focuses on its mandate in a spirit free from calls to hatred or violence. We are waiting for the investigations launched in recent days to shed full light on what happened and be accompanied by concrete measures to be implemented quickly.

Given the disastrous humanitarian situation in Gaza, France chose to increase considerably its humanitarian support to Gaza’s civilians. Among other things, it contributed nearly €60 million to UNRWA’s actions in 2023.

France has not planned any further payments in the first quarter of 2024, and will decide when the time comes how to act in conjunction with the United Nations and the main donors, while ensuring that all its demands for transparency and for the security of aid are properly taken into account.