Palestinian Territories – Military operations at Al-Shifa Hospital (15 November 2023)


France expresses its deep concern over the Israeli military operations at Al-Shifa Hospital. It stresses the absolute need for Israel to comply with international humanitarian law, which explicitly calls for the protection of hospital infrastructure and the principles of distinction, necessity, proportionality and precaution at all times and in all places. Any use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes is unacceptable.

The Palestinian people must not be made to pay for Hamas’s crimes. This particularly applies to people who are vulnerable, injured or sick, and to humanitarian personnel who are bravely continuing to carry out their work in extremely dangerous conditions.

France is mobilizing to provide emergency medical assistance to the people of Gaza. More than 100 tons of French humanitarian supplies have been deployed so far to meet these needs. France stands ready to considerably increase its medical aid to Gaza’s civilian population in conjunction with relevant partners, and first and foremost Egypt.