Organization of an international humanitarian conference for Gaza’s civilian population (November, 9 2023)


In the face of the critical humanitarian situation of the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, very severely affected by the bombardments and lack of electricity, fuel, water and medical supplies, France, on President Macron’s initiative, will host an international conference on humanitarian aid for Gaza’s civilians, to be held in Paris from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on 9 November.

The conference will mobilize the main players involved in the humanitarian response in Gaza and determined to take concrete action to support Palestinian civilians in the city: States, main donors, international organizations and NGOs active in Gaza.

The humanitarian conference will focus in particular on the following three goals:

(i) actions to promote compliance with international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians and humanitarian staff, and the strengthening of humanitarian access;
(ii) the international humanitarian response in the fields of health, water, energy and food;
(iii) the call for mobilization to support the international agencies and organizations active on the ground.

On the basis of the needs identified by the United Nations and particularly UNRWA, the delegations will be able to set out the initiatives already implemented or planned in support of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, such as the deployment of field hospitals and the establishment of humanitarian air and sea bridges. Finally, the delegations will be able to discuss their current financial efforts and announce new commitments, including in the framework of the United Nations’ funding appeal.

Introductory speeches