Israel/Palestinian Territories – Situation in the West Bank (9 March 2023)


France expresses its serious concern following the Israeli operation that took place in Jenin last Tuesday, which left at least six Palestinians dead and many injured, bringing the Palestinian death count in the West Bank to over 70 in 2023. France reiterates its call for the Israeli government to protect Palestinian civilians, in keeping with the international obligations incumbent upon it as an occupying power.

France urgently calls on the parties to honor the commitments that they made at the meeting in Aqaba on February 26 and to implement the measures requested by the UN Security Council on February 20, in particular those related to ending all violence against civilians.

Given this situation, it is all the more urgent that the political prospect of a two-state solution be revived, with both states living side by side in peace and security. This is the only way to guarantee Israelis and Palestinians a just and lasting peace. France condemns any violence against civilians.