Amnesty International Report - Q&A - (01 Feb. 2022)


Q: Today, Amnesty International publicly released its report entitled, “Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel system of domination and crime against humanity.” According to the ONG, this system of apartheid has been in place since 1948. Amnesty therefore calls on the ICC Office of the Prosecutor to consider the applicability of the crime against humanity of apartheid within its current formal investigation into the crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT). This investigation began on March 3, 2021. While taking care to avoid any comparisons with South African apartheid, Amnesty writes that the “UN General Assembly should re-establish the Special Committee against Apartheid, which was originally established in November 1962, to focus on all situations, including Israel and the OPT.” What do you think of this report and above all, what do you think of these proposals? In addition, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yair Lapid, has used the word “anti-Semitism” in his remarks on this report. Do you also believe this to be an instance of anti-Semitism?

A: The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs will give this report careful consideration.

France’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is known and consistent and it is founded in international law.

France will continue to work to promote a two-state solution that would allow for the establishment of an independent, democratic and adjacent Palestinian state. This state would exist in peace and security alongside the state of Israel, within the framework of international law and the Security Council resolutions.