Israel – Situation of Salah Hamouri (8 July 2021)


Q : In its online edition of June 30, the website of the newspaper Israel Hayom quotes statements made on June 29 by the Israeli Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaket, referring to the case of the French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri. She says: “Salah Hamouri’s actions are a serious violation of the basic core commitment of an Israeli citizen, and due to this breach of trust, the revoking of his citizenship is legally justified.”
The residency card is the only official paper allowing Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem to live in their homes. It is issued by the Israeli authorities. This revocation would result in Salah Hamouri’s definitive expulsion.
How are you responding to the Israeli Interior Minister’s statements? Are you in touch with Tel Aviv about this, pending decisions on this issue by the Attorney General and Israeli Defense Minister?

A : Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs offices in Paris, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are working actively to ensure that Salah Hamouri may assert all of his rights and lead a normal life in Jerusalem, where he resides.

French authorities at a high level are closely monitoring Salah Hamouri’s situation.