COVID-19 – Israel - Q&A from the press briefing (5 March 2020)


Q: Does Israel’s decision to no longer authorize French citizens to enter its territory due to fears of the spread of COVID-19 seem proportionate to the epidemiological situation in France? Is this the first time French citizens have been prohibited from entering a foreign territory due to the coronavirus?

A: As you know, the situation is very fluid and the authorities in each country concerned are taking measures related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our compatriots are advised to consult the Travel Advisory on the France Diplomatie site, which is regularly updated based on the public health recommendations issued by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health. We recommend that French citizens who are traveling register on the Ariane portal in order to receive alerts.

We urge French residents living outside the country to sign up on the registry of French nationals abroad and to update their contact information (cell phone numbers, email addresses) as necessary with local consulates.