Iraq – France congratulates the new Iraqi president on his election and the new prime minister-designate on his nomination (October 13, 2022)


France congratulates the new Iraqi president, Abdul Latif Rashid, on his election and the new prime minister-designate, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, on his nomination. France wishes them every success in their high offices.

France applauds these democratic steps, which are critical for ensuring unity among all of the country’s constituents and granting Iraq the fully-fledged government that the country needs in order to meet the legitimate demands of the Iraqi people.

France wishes to continue to pursue and develop the ties that bind together our two peoples, all constituents included, in friendship and in trust.

France remains fully committed to helping the Iraqi authorities to preserve their country’s sovereignty and to strengthen its institutions and will work alongside them to improve security and stability in Iraq and throughout the region.