JCPoA - Q&A - (31 May 2022)


Q: Your repeated calls for Iran to immediately and fully cooperate with the IAEA have not had an impact. On the contrary, the IAEA issued a new report yesterday on Iran’s activities, including its failure to respond to questions concerning traces of enriched uranium found on three undeclared sites. Do you believe it is necessary to push for a resolution to send a message to Iran at the Board of Governors meeting next week, or are you afraid that a strong action by the IAEA could completely kill efforts to save the JCPoA?

A: We were deeply concerned by the report published yesterday by the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ahead of the Board of Governors meeting beginning on June 6.

Despite the involvement of the Director General and the repeated opportunities Iran has had in the course of nearly three years to shed light on the undeclared presence of nuclear materials at undeclared sites, the Agency believes it is still unable to clarify these matters.

We call on Iran to promptly respond to the IAEA’s questions and demands in line with its Guarantee Agreement. We are consulting closely with our partners on how to respond to this situation at the next Board of Governors meeting.