JCPoA - Q&A (17 May 2022)


Q: Are you hopeful that the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program will be able to resume in the very near future? What are the solutions proposed by Iran?

R: The draft agreement on resuming compliance with the JCPoA has been ready for more than two months. That is why the E3 negotiators left Vienna – they were convinced that it could be finalized within a very short time.

However, it is being held up by an issue between the United States and Iran that is not related to the JCPoA.

We call on the parties to take a responsible approach and to urgently make the decisions that are needed to finalize this agreement. It would be a serious, dangerous mistake to believe it can remain on the table indefinitely while the program, which is moving forward at the same steady pace, makes advances that could deprive it of its non-proliferation benefits.