Iran - Q&A from the press briefing (11 February 2021)


Q : French President Emmanuel Macron offered to mediate between Washington and Tehran in negotiations on their return to compliance with the terms of the Vienna nuclear agreement (JCPoA). Today the Chinese foreign minister proposed holding multilateral negotiations to reach an agreement on the U.S. return and its obligations under the Iranian nuclear agreement. Can you comment on this initiative by Beijing?

A : France welcomes the new U.S. administration’s stated determination to once again adopt a diplomatic approach to the Iranian nuclear issue, with a view to rejoining the JCPoA. France is in close contact with the other JCPoA participants and with the United States to work toward this goal.

In order to preserve the policy space for seeking a negotiated solution, we therefore call on Iran to take no new measures on the nuclear front liable to further aggravate the situation – already extremely concerning given Iran’s multiple violations of the Vienna agreement, including the latest which were just reported by the IAEA, and to resume compliance with the JCPoA.