Iran - Q&A - (24.01.22)


Q : Do you think an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue should be linked to Iran’s release of foreign prisoners?

A : We are monitoring the situations of Fariba Adelkhah and Benjamin Brière, who are being detained in Iran, with the utmost attention and concern.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, Ms. Adelkhah’s conviction is not based on any credible evidence; it is purely political and arbitrary. We condemn the decision taken on January 12 to return her to prison with no explanation or prior notification, and we demand her immediate release.

As for Mr. Brière, he was arrested while traveling in Iran as a tourist. Our Embassy maintains regular contact with him in keeping with the right to consular protection set forth in the Vienna Convention of April 24, 1963; his last consular visit was on January 17. Mr. Brière appeared before a court in Mashhad on January 20. We are in constant touch with his family and his lawyer.