Iran - Q&A (22 November 22)


Q: Why is it that so many France nationals – seven – are being detained in Iran, compared with those of other Western countries, and how come Tehran is becoming “increasingly aggressive” toward France, in the words of President Macron?

A: As President Macron and the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs have said repeatedly, the arrests of our compatriots are purely arbitrary. The Iranian authorities are also targeting the citizens of other countries, including several members of the EU.

France reiterates its demand to immediately release our nationals. We demand unconditional access to all our compatriots, in accordance with Iran’s international obligations under the Vienna Convention of April 24, 1963.

We condemn the Iranian regime’s treatment of our compatriots in the most vigorous terms. We hold the Iranian authorities responsible for the fate and treatment of all French nationals who are currently being arbitrarily detained in Iran.

The French authorities’ commitment to obtaining their release and offering support to their loved ones remains absolute.