Iran - Q&A - (18 October 2021)


Q: Can you confirm that Iran and the 4+1 group will be meeting this Thursday in Brussels to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue, as mentioned yesterday by an Iranian official?

A: We have no knowledge of a meeting this week between the European External Action Service (EEAS) and Iran in Brussels. If that were the case, it would be up to the EEAS to announce it.

In any case, such discussions would not replace the Vienna negotiations with the other participants of the JCPoA and the United States. Those talks were interrupted four months ago at Tehran’s request, and Iran has not yet committed to a date for their resumption.

As we have said repeatedly, France, its E3 partners, its other JCPoA partners and the United States are prepared to return immediately to the Vienna negotiations and to resume them where they left off last June, in order to swiftly conclude an agreement on Iran’s return to its commitments and the United States’ return to the JCPoA. In the meantime, it is urgent and crucial for Iran to end the activities of unprecedented gravity that it is conducting in violation of the JCPoA and to immediately resume full-fledged cooperation with the IAEA.