Iran - Q&A (11 january 2023)


Do you have any comment on Iran’s latest threats concerning Charlie Hebdo? Are new measures being taken to protect French nationals abroad or Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff?

As the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs said on January 5, “Press freedom exists in France, unlike in Iran, and it is exercised under the supervision of a judge within the framework of an independent judiciary. That too is something that Iran is perhaps somewhat unfamiliar with.”

France reaffirms its unwavering, resolute commitment to the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, and the protection of journalists worldwide.

Any threat to our nationals is unacceptable. With regard to our compatriots in Iran, we remind the Iranian authorities that they are responsible for the safety of our interests and our citizens in Iran. We also repeat that we strongly discourage any travel to Iran, given the high risk of arbitrary detention by the authorities of that country.