Iran – Nuclear issue - Q&A from the press briefing (9 April 2021)


Q : What can you tell us following the first week of discussions in Vienna on bringing Iran and the United States back to the nuclear deal?

A : The discussions in Vienna on facilitating the return of Iran and the United States to full compliance with the JCPOA are taking place in a constructive manner. They reflect the shared determination of all participants in the agreement and the United States to swiftly reach a diplomatic solution that will make it possible to preserve the JCPOA. Despite the many technical and political obstacles that we will have to overcome in order to achieve this goal, this first week of work was a positive start.

In this context, it is even more important for Iran to refrain from any further violation of its nuclear commitments which could jeopardize the current dynamic, as the minister reiterated to his Iranian colleague during their exchange on April 3.