Iran – IAEA - Q&A from the press briefing (24 June 2021)


Q : Are you worried that Iran and the IAEA will not agree to extend the temporary agreement to monitor the Iranian nuclear program and if so, what would be the consequences of such a decision?

A : There is broad agreement on the urgent need for and importance of Iran’s return to compliance with all of the verification and monitoring measures under the JCPOA, which were unilaterally suspended by Iran on February 23. Without the implementation of these measures, the IAEA is not able to fully exercise its mandate.

As we have already stated, it is up to Iran and the IAEA to agree on the extension of the current mechanism.

Together with its E3 partners, France is continuing to play its full role in the negotiations on the return to the JCPOA, guided by the desire to achieve a satisfactory outcome with respect to the fundamental issue of non-proliferation.