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Honduras - Q&A - (31 Jan. 2022)

Q: Are you worried that the argument over the naming of the president of Honduras’s Congress will destabilize the country?
A: As the spokesman for the European External Action Service emphasized, it is vital for Honduran political leaders to resolve their dispute through a dialogue compatible (…)

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France and Honduras

Political relations

France recalled its Ambassador to Honduras after the coup on 28 June 2009. A few days after the inauguration of President Lobo and the Ambassador’s return to Tegucigalpa, France encouraged the new Honduran authorities to fully re-establish the rule of law.


Bilateral relations between France and Honduras have been marked by the visit of President Jacques Chirac after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. The most recent parliamentary visit was that of Ms Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, Senator for French Nationals Abroad, in January 2009.

Mr Jean-Pierre Bel, Personal Envoy of the President of the French Republic for Latin America and the Caribbean, visited Honduras on 4-5 April 2016. He met with President Hernandez and the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as the President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, Mr Nick Rischbieth

Economic relations

Trade between France and Honduras increased significantly in 2017: €106 million in imports (up 8% on 2016, constant growth since 2013) and €22 million in exports (up 35% on 2016). Purchases of agricultural products constitute the lion’s share of imports.

French firms working in Honduras include Sanofi, Schneider Electric, Bic and most companies in the fields of cosmetics and luxury goods.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Since an agreement was signed in 1998 on reintroducing French into the Honduran secondary education system, almost half of the French resources dedicated to cooperation with Honduras have been allocated to French language teaching. French cooperation is supported by an active network (Alliances Françaises in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, and the Lycée Franco-Hondurien). On 1 March 2019, a agreement on the mutual recognition of diplomas was signed and the Chair of the French High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) also gave French accreditation to the two main universities in Honduras, UNAH and UPNFM (first universities on the American continent, together with the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, to obtain this accreditation).

France has also cancelled debt of nearly €100 million since 1998 and signed a debt reduction and development contract (C2D) with the Honduran authorities for nearly €10.5 million. Against this backdrop, a project to reform the technical baccalaureate in tourism, hospitality and catering, has been launched by the International Centre for Teaching Studies (CIEP).

For more information, visit the website of the Institut Français - Central America

Updated: 21 October 2019