Haiti – Overview of the organisation of special flights (27 March 2024)


Due to the interruption in commercial air services with Port-au-Prince, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with the Ministry for the Armed Forces, has organised special flights to allow the most vulnerable nationals to leave the country.

Teams from the Embassy of France in Port-au-Prince and employees of the Crisis and Support Center posted to Haiti facilitated the departure of more than 170 French nationals and nearly 70 European and third-country nationals, all in vulnerable situations, aboard French army helicopters. They were all transported to a French Navy vessel which will take them to Fort-de-France today. France has assumed the cost of this operation.

The unit from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Center remains active and ready to respond to any questions from French nationals in Haiti. The Embassy of France in Port-au-Prince continues to operate and remains fully mobilized in support of the French community there.

We remain extremely vigilant with regard to the safety of our nationals, and we urge them to scrupulously follow our advice to travelers. Due to the security situation, we reiterate that travel to Haiti is officially discouraged.