Western Balkans - Q&A from the press briefing (03 February 2021)


Q: During Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s visit to Paris with a delegation of ministers, in addition to the issues relating to economic cooperation between the two countries, relations between Belgrade and Pristina were discussed as well as France’s role in the EU-led negotiations on the normalization of relations.

How can France contribute to this dialogue? What new solutions were presented during the meetings in Paris between the Serbian delegation and the French hosts with respect to this issue? France was not opposed to the possibility of a land swap in order reach a final agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. Is this one of the solutions discussed in Paris?

A: Discussions during these meetings focused on the next steps toward the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, which is key to the region’s stability. In keeping with the summit in Paris on July 10, 2020, France is working to promote this process and fully supports the EU’s mediation between the two parties. The EU will continue to facilitate their dialogue, with the aim of normalizing relations between Serbia and Kosovo through a comprehensive, final and legally binding agreement.