Ethiopia - Q&A - (24 Nov. 2021)


Q: The embassy in Addis Ababa is apparently encouraging French residents to leave the country. What is the urgency, what means? And what is the diplomatic outcome of the domestic war, which has little to do with major international or even African tensions?

A: Given how the situation is evolving on the ground in Ethiopia and the Addis Ababa area, we have formally called on French nationals to leave the country immediately, and, as we indicated on our website’s travel advisory page, all travel to Ethiopia is strongly discouraged. Transiting through Addis Ababa International Airport is also strongly discouraged.

The Parties urgently need to put in place a ceasefire and restore humanitarian access, and commit to fighting impunity. Only a political solution and the launch of a political dialogue will ensure the country’s stability, integrity and unity.

France, liaising closely with its European and international partners, fully supports the efforts led by Mr Olusegun Obasanjo, the African Union’s High Representative for the Horn of Africa, to facilitate the launch of such a political process.