Democratic Republic of the Congo – French humanitarian contribution of €34 million and emergency delivery to Goma in partnership with the EU (9 March 2023)


France is sending assistance to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in response to the humanitarian emergency in Goma and its surrounding areas, in line with commitments made by President Macron.

We are mobilizing €34 million in humanitarian aid, €20 million of which will be dedicated to meeting the essential needs of the most vulnerable populations in Goma and its surrounding areas. These include access to water and sanitation, food security and nutrition, the fight against maternal and infant mortality, and assistance to displaced persons. This aid will be deployed by the UN and nongovernmental organizations working on the ground.

Additionally, the Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) at France’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is coordinating the emergency aid shipment to be delivered by the first aircraft in the civilian airlift organized by the EU. It will be taking off from Denmark today. This aircraft will carry some 20 tons of French humanitarian aid as well as 20 tons of medical supplies donated by UNICEF.

Our shipment consists of emergency shelters from the CDCS – 400 family tents accommodating 2,000 people and 400 hygiene kits – as well as nearly 2.5 tons of medications donated by the Tulipe association.

This assistance is a way for France and the EU to reaffirm our solidarity with the DRC. As the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, France calls on all parties, and especially the M23, to abide by their commitments and strictly respect the ceasefire. It reaffirms its commitment to the DRC’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.