Coronavirus - Q&A from the press briefing (5 February 2020)


Q: The Foreign Ministry is now recommending that “French citizens, especially families, with no urgent reasons to remain in China temporarily leave the country.” and that “travel and academic exchanges are discouraged.” London asked its citizens yesterday to leave China “if they can.” Is a similar recommendation being considered in France? What is the status of discussions with other EU countries on this subject?

A: Our discussions with our European partners are naturally continuing.

As for our own recommendations, they are detailed in the Travel Advisory section of our website, in order to eliminate any ambiguity.

We have never advised all our citizens to leave China. In this evolving situation, and as a precautionary measure, French citizens – especially families – who do not have urgent reasons to return to China are advised to stay out of the country temporarily and to postpone their return.

(Link to the Travel Advisory page, in French)