Chad - Q&A from the press briefing (4 October 2022)


Q: Do you have any comment on the decision by the junta in Chad to adopt resolutions delaying democratic elections for two years and allowing Mahamat Idriss Déby to remain in power and be eligible for the presidency when the vote finally takes place?

A: Chad is engaged in a sovereign and inclusive national dialogue. We welcome the participants’ efforts to achieve the broadest possible consensus on the issues on their agenda. Some of the resolutions that have emerged from this dialogue relate to the desire to form a new national reconciliation government in which all communities will be represented. This government is to be capable of fulfilling the aspirations of the Chadian people and organizing free, democratic, transparent elections.

As the EU ambassadors stated in N’Djamena, we are concerned by some of the dialogue’s conclusions, which go against African Union Peace and Security Council recommendations. These recommendations, issued on May 14 and reiterated on September 19, concern the length of the transition period in Chad and the ineligibility clause relating to the transition authorities.