Brazil – Brazil joins the International Partnership for Information and Democracy (1 September 2023)


France welcomes Brazil’s August 31st announcement that it was joining the International Partnership for Information and Democracy launched by President Macron in September 2019 with Reporters Without Borders (RSF). During her visit to Brazil this past February, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna had in-depth discussions with the Brazilian authorities on challenges to the freedom of information and the fight against disinformation. Together they agreed to make this area one of our joint priorities as part of the revival of our bilateral relationship.

The International Partnership for Information and Democracy, which now has 51 member states, was created to promote an environment that ensures reliable information for citizens so that they can form educated opinions at a time when massive online disinformation is undermining trust in democratic institutions and processes. The Partnership also aims to encourage businesses to structure the global information space and communication in a way that respects the principles of transparency, responsibility, neutrality and human rights.

Together with Brazil, France reiterates its staunch and unwavering commitment to the freedom of the press, the freedom of expression and the protection of journalists worldwide. Access to independent, reliable, quality information is an essential prerequisite for the proper functioning of democracies, the rule of law and the international system, and for the fight against the spread of information manipulation.