Bosnia-Herzegovina – Developments in Republika Srpska (September 7, 2023)


The threats made by Milorad Dodik, President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska, which seek to prohibit Christian Schmidt, High Representative of the institution created by the Dayton Peace Agreement, from entering the entity constitute an attack on the constitutional order of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where freedom of movement must be guaranteed.

These developments follow on from a series of worrying measures taken recently by the entity, which curb freedom of the press and erode Bosnia-Herzegovina’s unity. They go against the Bosnian authorities’ efforts to bring the country closer to the European Union for the benefit of all of the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

France, in its capacity as a witness to the Dayton Peace Agreement, reaffirms its support for the High Representative and will continue to fully support Bosnia-Herzegovina’s unity and territorial integrity. France calls on all of Republika Srpska’s political leaders to return to making the necessary reforms in order to make Bosnia-Herzegovina’s membership perspective a reality for the entire country.