Bosnia-Herzegovina – Concerning developments in the Republika Srpska entity (22 April 2024)


France is concerned by legislative measures adopted by the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska on April 19, particularly the election law, which is an attack on the constitutional order and unity of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the functionality of its central institutions, and is at odds with its prospects for European membership.

As a witness to the Dayton Agreement signed in Paris, France will continue to strongly support Bosnia-Herzegovina’s unity and territorial integrity. It calls on the authorities of Republika Srpska to put a stop to these initiatives. It also calls on the Serbian entity to withdraw its proposed law on “foreign agents,” which is inconsistent with the preservation of a climate that is favorable to civil society, the media and freedom of speech.

France urges all Bosnian political forces to unite and to resume the reform process that is necessary in order to make the prospect of EU membership for the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina a reality. The European Council’s decision to open accession talks last month sends a clear signal in support of the country’s future within Europe, for all its citizens.