France and Barbados


Political relations

Bilateral relations are cordial. A delegation from Barbados, led by its Prime Minister, took part in COP21, held in Le Bourget from 30 November to 12 December 2015. This event helped demonstrate our shared commitment to combating global warming. Like most of its Caribbean neighbours, Barbados was one of the first countries worldwide to ratify the Paris Agreement.

French presence

France does not have an embassy in Barbados, but is represented by an honorary Consul. There is an Alliance Française.

French community: 206 on consular register on 31 December 2019
Barbadian community in France: 45


  • French Ambassador to Barbados (in residence in Saint Lucia): Mr Philippe Ardanaz
  • Ambassador of Barbados to France (in residence in Belgium): Ms Joy-Ann Skinner
  • Honorary Consul of Barbados in Paris: Ms Nicole Williams Roland (Tropic Travel - 96, rue de la Victoire - 75009 Paris, tel.: +33 (0) – email: info at

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

At bilateral level, the CARICOM FSPI IFLE project (€0.8 million) helps develop three areas of cooperation: linguistic, economic and cultural. Academic cooperation is also a priority (Passport for French Higher Education).
The Bridgetown Alliance Française branch has 60 learners.

Other cooperation

Military cooperation is regularly carried out between Barbados and the high command of the French armed forces in the Antilles, in close collaboration with the regional security system (RSS), an organization in charge of the external security of its Party States. Furthermore, Barbados and France cooperate in fields relating to the fight against trafficking.

Updated: June 2020