France and the Bahamas

Ambassador of France to the Bahamas: Mr. Philippe Casenave since 2 October 2014 (residing in Panama)

Ambassador of the Bahamas in France: Mr. Eldred Bethel since 22 February 2013 (residing in London)

Political relations

Although our political relations are not very dense, French President François Hollande met with the Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie (who at the time was Chair of CARICOM) on the sidelines of the Caribbean Climate Summit on 10 May 2015 in Martinique.

Economic relations

Trade with the Bahamas remains limited and a surplus for France of €58 million was recorded in 2016. French exports consist mainly of aircraft and alcoholic beverages.

Club Méditerranée, which formerly had three resorts on the islands, now only has one. Rubis, a company specialized in storing and distributing oil products, took over the gas station network and the sale of aircraft fuel from Chevron in 2011. Soletanche Bachy is working with the largest domestic construction firm (Mosko Group) on a number of projects.

Updated: 22.05.17