Albania - Q&A (September 8, 2022)


Q: Albania broke off relations with Iran after a massive cyberattack. Tehran denied responsibility for it. Are you considering retaliatory measures within NATO?

A: France strongly condemns the cyberattack against Albania, which occurred on July 15.

This attack, which targeted Albanian government websites and kept several e-Albania applications as well as critical Albanian infrastructures from working, is unacceptable and threatened the functioning of the Albanian state. It was an attempt to destabilize Albania, a candidate to join the European Union and one of our NATO allies.

The Albanian government was able to swiftly and decisively respond to these attacks, with support from its partners.

These activities are inconsistent with the standards of responsible behavior by nations in cyberspace, as approved by UN member states. France denounces these malign cyber activities. All relevant actors must put an immediate end to them.