Afghanistan - Communique issued by the ministry for Europe and foreign Affairs (15 August 2023)


Two years on from the fall of Kabul and the Taliban’s forced takeover in August 2021, France continues to follow the ongoing deterioration in the humanitarian situation and increasing human rights violations in Afghanistan with the greatest concern. Despite their commitments, we have no choice but to note that the decisions taken by the Taliban over the past two years illustrate their failure to respect the international community’s expectations as set out in Resolution 2593 of the United Nations Security Council. We are continuing, and shall continue, to use every lever at our disposal to try and improve the lot of Afghan women and men by stepping up pressure on the Taliban.

France reiterates in particular that it utterly condemns the infringements of the rights of women and girls by the Taliban, inter alia the decision taken in December 2022 to ban women from going to university or working in NGOs. We call on the Taliban to go back on these unacceptable decisions, which exclude half of Afghanistan’s population from the public sphere and jeopardize the country’s economic and social development prospects.

Through the action of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and especially the Crisis and Support Centre, France continues to support the Afghan people via ongoing concrete humanitarian projects led by the UN agencies and NGOs present on the ground, in the areas of education and health in particular. We are committed to supporting women human-rights defenders present in Afghanistan, who are under threat because of their commitment to their country, by offering them a place in France, material support, assistance, training and networking. France will not compromise on the rights and freedoms of Afghan women.