International students : online purchase of an excise stamp for a student long-stay visa


The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) has introduced an online service enabling foreign students in France to purchase the excise stamp required for validation of their long-stay visa (VSL) doubling as a residence permit (TS) from

In order to purchase a virtual stamp from the website, students will need the following :

  • passport (visa page),
  • the letter from the OFII accompanying the notice of appointment,
  • a credit or debit card,
  • a printer. There are two steps to buying the stamp online:

Step 1 : Purchase the stamp using a bank credit or debit card (you are advised to enter your e-mail address when making the purchase).

Step 2 : Download the documents (once you have entered your card details and confirmed payment, you will need to download the excise stamp and the proof of payment in PDF format, prior to printing them. You are also advised to keep a record of the transaction reference).

You will be asked to provide these documents (the excise stamp and the proof of payment) when you attend your appointment with OFII for validation of your visa.

In the event of any problem or complaint concerning the online purchase of an excise stamp, you should send a letter to the appropriate OFII territorial directorate, quoting the transaction reference (recorded at the time of the online purchase).

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