Administrative steps

1/ Before leaving

The elements of your file:
1- Passport and national identification card
At the French borders, all foreigners must have a passport issued by their country. An identification card suffices for European Union nationals. Passports must be valid for at least the duration of the stay.

2- Visa

3- Pre-registration
Foreign students with a foreign secondary school leaving certificate who wish to enrol in pre-graduate studies at a French university must apply for preliminary admission (demande d’admission prélable, DAP). This is done at your local French embassy or through CampusFrance. This formality concerns only those students who wish to enroll in the first year of university.

Students who wish to enroll in a higher level of studies must contact the university directly, or follow the CampusFrance procedure, if applicable.

Students wishing to enroll in a selective undergraduate course must follow the admission post-bac (APB) procedure, except those wishing to enroll in a University Institute of Technology (IUT) and who reside in a country where the Campus France procedure exists. These students must follow the Campus France procedure exclusively.

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of National Education (in French)

4- CampusFrance procedure

The CampusFrance procedure offers foreign students the possibility to file and follow their application online at In addition, it allows higher education institutions to pre-register foreign students, without the students need to send a application to France.

5- Financial requirements
Students without scholarships from the French government, a foreign government, or international organizations and who are not beneficiaries of other programs must justify that they have sufficient means to study in France. The sum, 615 euros per month, corresponds to the monthly basic allowance paid by the French Government to foreign students who have been awarded a scholarship (Cf. article 36 of Decree No. 2011-1049 of 6 September 2011 amending article 14 of Decree No. 99-352 of 5 May 1999).

2/ Formalities for studying in France

Please consult the following websites for additional information about the administrative process:

3/ At your arrival