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France is the leading non-English speaking country for hosting international students, and welcomed 343,400 international students at the beginning of the 2017-2018.

Campus France

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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs relies on Campus France, the agency responsible for the promotion of French higher education and the welcoming of foreign students. It is placed under the auspices of both the Foreign Affairs and High Education Ministries.

Key Figures
  • France welcomed 343,400 international students at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year, including 251,643 university students.
  • France is the 4th-most popular destination for exchange students
  • France is the leading non-English speaking host country for international students.
  • Paris is the 2nd-most popular destination for students.

4 Principal missions of Campus France

  • Promoting French higher education and research to foreign students and researchers.
  • Welcoming foreign students and researchers to France. Campus France supports higher education establishments and regional authorities to improve their reception arrangements.
  • Managing bursaries, internships and other international mobility programmes for students and researchers.
  • Organizing the alumni network for French higher education, France Alumni, in order to bring together former students and researchers, higher education establishments and businesses.

Global Network

297 Branches and Satellites in 133 countries. All these local points of contact help promote French higher education, facilitate the implementation of exchange programmes, inform and guide, provide useful, pre-departure information, preserve links with alumni after their departure from France through the France Alumni network.

Network in France

  • 220 people across Paris and the French regions. 5 regional delegations in Strasburg, Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille and Toulouse which welcome international scholars and monitor them throughout their stay.
  • A network of 355 French institutions and research organizations, united within the Forum Campus France. The member institutions of the Forum participate actively in the attractiveness policy implemented by Campus France; they are responsible for issuing recommendations to the board of directors for the promotion of French higher education abroad.

France Alumni

In 2014, France launched the social network France Alumni. Established and operated by Campus France, this platform is aimed at helping foreign students remain in touch with France after their studies. As of July 2018, nearly 200,000 alumni have joined this network. In 2017, the online platform counted nearly 382,000 visitors.

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